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Death on the Nile

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Muerte en el Nilo

There are only a few weeks left to see the famous British novelist Agatha Christie come back to life at the Teatro Amaya in Madrid with her famous play Death on the Nile, starring Pablo Puyol and directed by Victor Conde.

The renowned actor Pablo Puyol plays the famous detective Hércules Poirot in this mysterious piece. The novel, published in 1937 and set on a cruise ship in Egypt, is about the murder of a rich young woman.

The theme of Death on the Nile, a pioneer for its time, is still valid today, where love and obsession are easily confused. In this case, the setting focuses on the holidays of the famous detective in Egypt. During a cruise on the Nile he coincides with Linnet and Simon, acquaintances who are on their honeymoon. The days of enjoyment are interrupted by Linnet’s cold and unexplained murder.  The characters, from different cultures, can’t get out of the boat and their interactions become more entangled.

The case, led by Colonel Race, becomes more complicated as other murders take place and little by little the evidence and reasons that led to Linnet’s murder are discovered. With the help of detective Poirot the murders will gain meaning and give rise to a plot about toxic love and obsession.

With a minimalist and fantastic scenery, Victor Conde manages to captivate the spectator with this classic mystery. Expert and enthusiast of the British novelist, this is the second Agatha Christie’s play that the director has successfully directed. With Death on the Nile, Victor Conde manages to adapt  the glamorous universe of the novel and transport it to the twenty-first century, something you certainly cannot miss.

The play will be presented until 17 March at the famous Amaya Theatre in the Chamberí district. Tickets range from €16 to €26, depending on the location. The opening hours of the performances are Wednesday and Friday at 19:00h, Saturday at 18:30h and 21:30h, and Sunday at 18:00h.

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