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The 5 things you need to know about Madrid Central

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Madrid Central

If you are coming by car to Madrid or are planning to rent a car on your next visit, it is important that you get acquainted with the new traffic restriction that the Madrid City Council has initiated. The trial period of this measure ends on March 16 and sanctions will be imposed on those who fail to comply.

This measure consists of limiting vehicle access to Madrid’s city center with the aim of reducing environmental emissions.

To facilitate your stay while visiting the city, we have made this guide with 5 things you need to know about Madrid Central:

  1. Hotel Europa is located in the city center, within the area of Madrid Central

Our hotel, being located in the heart of Madrid in the Puerta del Sol (Carmen Street, 4) is within the action area of Central Madrid.

  1. You can access Madrid Central by car

You will be able to access the areas of Madrid Central with your own or rented car, as long as it has an environmental badge. You can also ask the hotel before your arrival for a special authorization for hosted guests by contacting us at and indicating your car registration number.

  1. You can park in any of the parking garages associated with the hotel

When you drive into Madrid Central you must park in a parking associated with the Madrid Central system. Fortunately, you can save 20% by reserving your spot in the associated car parks in Plaza del Carmen, Calle Sevilla or Plaza de Callao.

  1. Vehicles 0 Emissions and Eco can be parked in the entire Regulated parking service (SER).

If your car has a 0 Emission badge or an Eco badge, you can park anywhere in the Regulated Parking Service(SER) area. You can park all day with a 0 emissions vehicle, or up to 2 hours with an Eco vehicle.

  1. Madrid has many alternatives available for transport

In case you prefer not to use your car, you will find in Madrid a large number of transport alternatives such as the Metro network, buses, taxis, car sharing, motorbike sharing, bicycles, electric scooters and much more.

To see exactly which area is affected by the Madrid Central area, you can consult the map on the Madrid City Council website by clicking on this link.

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