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10 reasons to return to Madrid in 2020

By | 26 December, 2019 | 0 comments

Madrid is a cosmopolitan city with a large variety of cultural activities. You can always return to Madrid without excuses because only with its parks, architecture and people it will captivate you in a special way. Even so, by 2020 the cultural agenda promises surprising things. Here is a list of 10 reasons to return to Madrid next year:

  1. A round-the-world balloon ride at the Biblioteca Nacional de España. This is a temporary exhibition dedicated to the 500th anniversary expedition of Magallanes-Elcano between 1519-1522. The exhibition consists of books, logbooks, maps and drawings of various expeditions that surrounded the planet at different times. (From January 22nd to April 30th)
  2. An exhibition of absurd humour. The exhibition is a timeline of the new absurd humoristic practices in Spain. From Goya’s Nonsense, to the different humorous proposals that have taken place in Spain to this day. (From 31 January to 28 June)
  3. Sculptures by Rodin-Giacometti at the Fundación Mapfre. Enjoy a generational journey between the two artists and how through certain common interests they dialogue over time around both traditional and revolutionary aspects of their sculptures. (From 6 February to 10 May)
  4. Rembrandt and the portrait in Amsterdam at the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum. An exhibition curated by Norbert E. Middelkoop which consists of twenty portraits during the so-called Dutch “golden century”, dated between 1590-1670. (From 18 February to 24 May)
  5. Photographer Richard Learoyd’s exhibition at the Mapfre Foundation. An exhibition of 51 works from important public and private collections and the photographer’s own studio. Discover the images of this British artist taken from a camera built by himself in which he makes the positive impressions. (From 19 February to 24 May)

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