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Sin playa… También se rema

By | 5 October, 2016 | 0 comments

Kayaking at Retiro Park

Many if not all of the uninitiated probably think that you can only practice certain sports in Madrid because there is no beach and, to an extent, that is true, but not entirely so. The city offers so many possibilities and that includes sports. Of course you can take part in regular sports like running, biking and skating because we have some spectacular parks and there are increasingly more areas equipped for such activities (with the inauguration of Madrid Río, the options available for enjoying a day outside have multiplied). Even golf lovers have a spot in the very center of the city, to say nothing of climbing walls for those undaunted by heights and who thrive off the adrenaline rush they get from an ascent.

But, getting back to the issue of water, because Madrid doesn’t have a beach, people may think that it’s impossible to enjoy any water activities. However, we are happy to report that our outlook on the matter has changed. Madrid is so impressive that there is always something new to see and experience even if we’ve spent our whole lives here. This summer we tried our hand at kayaking, not on the outskirts of the city in some river or reservoir, but in the center of Madrid. The spot for paddling and rowing is none other than the very central Retiro Park. That’s right. In the pond in our most emblematic park, you can practice these water sports which offer so many physical and mental benefits.

So, don’t think twice, if you like the water and you like to kayak or row, the fact that Madrid is landlocked is no longer an impediment. In Retiro Park and, as well as at the lake in Casa del Campo Park you will be able to enjoy yourself quite a bit.

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