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Hitchcock y su lado más cinéfilo

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Exposición de Hitchcock en Madrid

Hitchcock was, is and will continue to be one of film’s most illustrious minds. The great creator, because there is no better term for him, despite his obstinacy and his eccentricities, left us with an unmatched legacy in the suspense genre. Without a doubt, a fantastic director immortalized through his films which we can now learn more about in Madrid.

His world was film and suspense, suspense and film, to such an extreme that he was capable of pawning literally his entire life just to make one of his biggest hits (since no one believed enough in him or the original script to take a risk on it). Throughout his entire life (London, 1899 – Los Angeles, 1980), he invented stories in his head that he would bring to the big screen, always staring actresses he adored for more than their professional worth.

Now, in Madrid, for just a few months, we can delve deeper into his work, how he mastered the tools of the trade to perfection and created what, at the time, was unique, cutting edge film. He made and created ingenious teams for each filming (technicians, designers, screenwriters, etc.). Nothing was left to chance, and he never neglected to make room for customs from a historical moment which he considered “old fashioned”.

The sample you can visit at the Espacio Fundación Telefónica (at the corner of calle Fuencarral 3 and Gran Vía) will take you through five areas of the remarkable director’s life which reflect his films: Introduction (his biography), The Hitchcock Touch (his way of making film), Women and Men (the relationship between them according to him), Hitchcock and His Time, Art and Architecture (his work within the social spectrum of the time) and The Behind the Curtain (his sleights of hand)… A comprehensive tour of his interesting life.


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