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Servicios adicionales de un hotel: La nota que diferencia

By | 19 October, 2016 | 0 comments

Terraza de nuestro hotel en el centro de Madrid

There are many hotels that is undeniable. This is even truer in big cities like Madrid, where supply is steadily increasing, as well as the number of available beds (as we say in the tourism industry). We have always seen this as an opportunity rather than competition. First because it positions the city on a higher rung as a tourist destination and, second, because when there are more like you, it makes you work harder to stand out and continue on the right path with no distractions.

However, the truth is, when supply is very high, you need to know how to select the hotel you will stay at either for your business trip or for a few days of leisure.  The little things are what will make all the difference and every one of us must always be attentive to them. Today, thanks to the Internet, we have a better idea of what our stay will be like at an establishment even before arriving. From our armchair, we get a glimpse through videos, photographs and reviews left by other guests on social networks.

Ultimately, every hotel has the “regular, standard or basic” amenities and the “extras” are what we have to consider before making a decision. One motivation behind our choice is always price, however it’s not everything because it is almost always worth paying a bit more for comfort and comprehensive service in the same place. As a result, additional services play an important role when it comes time to make a decision. Whether there is parking if we are travelling by car; a gym or sauna if we like to exercise; a central terrace so we can enjoy a snack; or a restaurant where we can have a business or personal lunch or dinner are all essential.


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