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Guns N’ Roses rockanroleará en el Vicente Calderón una última vez

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Guns and Roses en Madrid

When you listen to the first few minutes of “Welcome to the Jungle”, are you filled with a feeling of excitement and glee which makes you erupt into song and dance as if you were possessed by the devil himself? Then you’re in luck. Guns N’ Roses will be touring Spain and Madrid is one of the fortunate cities where the famous California rock group will be performing their Not in this Lifetime Tour.

True rock ‘n’ roll lovers will get butterflies in their stomachs knowing that some of rock’s aristocracy are going to be performing their new show at the Vicente Calderón Stadium which is holding one of its last events before the Atlético de Madrid moves to the La Peineta Olympic Stadium — renamed Wanda Metropolitano in 2016. It’s either time to breathe easy or race to get your hands on one of the coveted concert tickets — by whatever means necessary.

The date branded onto the calendar for Guns N’ Roses fans is Sunday, June 4, 2017. For fans of international rock music, 8:00 PM will mark the start of one of the year’s biggest shows. Future concertgoers who have a ticket to the Not in this Lifetime Tour under lock and key or under their mattress will have the opportunity to hear the Los Angeles band’s biggest hits live with the estimable presence of Axl Rose, more battle tested than ever now that he is the singer for another classic group on the international rock stage: ACDC.

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