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El Rey León, el musical que conmueve al mundo

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El Rey León

The curtain opens. We see an enormous early morning sun set against an orange sky and there is an ancient song playing in the background which raises the hair on our arms. Giraffes, zebras, elephants and other animals native to the Savannah dance before our eyes and a special magic settles over us. We have been transported to Africa. We have traveled to the singular universe of The Lion King.

If you have an upcoming trip to Madrid, we encourage you to go see this musical which is celebrating the success of its seventh uninterrupted season in the city. More than 3 million viewers and more than 2,000 shows sold out daily has made The Lion King Madrid’s longest-running musical ever. It is Spain’s largest musical production ever and has broken every record since its premier in 2011.

The Lion King is a one-of-a-kind experience

  • Astonishing. The show will leave you speechless thanks to the spectacular production of one of the most moving stories of all time.
  • Beautiful. A life lesson which has become a hit show by combining the most sophisticated African, Asian and Western performing arts with a soundtrack that is as exceptional as it is unforgettable.
  • Moving. More than 85 million people around the globe have immersed themselves in this universe of principles, creativity, rhythm and color which captivates you from beginning to end.

What are you waiting for? By your ticket and feel the incredible pull of this musical which awaits you at the Teatro Lope de Vega in Madrid; the only theater capable of accommodating the magnificence of this show.

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