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Platos típicos de Madrid (IV): el bocadillo de calamares

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Bocata calamares

Bocata calamares

In its own right, the fried calamari sandwich has become a symbol of Madrid. A recipe as simple as fried calamari served with good bread has become synonymous with Madrid at its most traditional and authentic. Many claim that you can’t say you’ve visited Madrid until you’ve tried one of these sandwiches at a bar or a pub in the city center.

Why is the fried calamari sandwich a traditional Madrid dish?

Many suggestions have been put forth in an effort to answer this question which delves into the essence and customs Madrid centuries ago. We know the city was always had a supply of fairly decent fish despite its distance from the coast, however it is unusual for an interior city to be associated with a dish typical of coastal cuisine. It seems that due to the Catholic ban on eating meat during Lent, Madrilenians began to consume battered calamari with bread, a tradition which, although it no longer bears any religious connotations, lives on today.

Where can you find a good fried calamari sandwich in Madrid?

Although you can find fried calamari sandwiches in many bars throughout the city of Madrid, the most traditional, those which offer the most genuine and authentic flavor, are only found in the city center. In the vicinity of Puerta del Sol and the Plaza Mayor, there are many establishments which serve this dish for a range of prices. The most authentic are those that serve a small sandwich alongside a frosty beer. The older a bar appears and the more authentic it feels, the better the fried calamari sandwich is bound to be.

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