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“Emociones”: el Flamenco en toda su pureza

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Especta?culo Emociones

Federico García Lorca explained the spirit of Flamenco as “a mysterious power that everyone feels and no philosopher can explain”. That special charisma which overcomes flamenco dancers, singers and musicians on stage, creating magic that connects the viewer and the artist through the beat.

The Teatro Alfil, a pillar of the Madrilenian theater scene traditionally associated with comedy, has opened a new chapter in the 2017/18 season dedicated to flamenco in an effort to recognize its status as a universal art, an art classified as an intangible legacy by UNESCO.

It is doing so with a 300 m2 space divided into two floors that it has baptized the Teatro Flamenco Madrid, and is set to become Madrid’s new shrine to Flamenco. It stands for tradition, purity and art.

It will debut with the show “Emociones”, a stage production created by guitarist Antonio Andrade and the flamenco dancer Ursula Moreno, the goal of which is to “reach our deepest feelings” using flamenco. To do so, a line-up of leading artists will touch upon the pillars of flamenco: guitar, song and dance, exploring the various styles such as women dancing with long-trained dresses, flamenco danced in pairs, song and guitar solos, the festive finale…

From Monday to Sunday, for 60 minutes, you will have the opportunity to visit the very heart of Flamenco, the purest version of this art in an intimate and cozy setting created by the Teatro Alfil on Calle Pez. A unique opportunity to revel in the magic of flamenco in all of its glory, live and in person.

Image (C) Teatro Flamenco Madrid

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