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Carnival 2019: Madrid’s colorful festival

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Carnival has become one of the most eagerly awaited festivals in Madrid, where children and adults indulge in dancing and fun while enjoying costumes and shows throughout the city. As every year, the proclamation or pregón will begin the festivities on March 1st  until March 5th. Carnival is the perfect time to enjoy with the family and see the city dyed in many colors.

One of the most eagerly awaited events each year is the traditional Carnival Mask Dance at the Círculo de Bellas Artes, located in Calle Alcalá 42, very close to Gran Vía and right in the centre of Madrid. The dance is inspired by the Venice carnivals and in 2019 it celebrates 128 years since its inauguration. This year, it will be titled Demonio y Carne (Demon and Flesh) and will be animated by several DJs in an event that, since its inauguration, has become a social phenomenon in Madrid. Apart from participating in the dance, you can complete the experience by going up to the roof of the Círculo de Bellas Artes to enjoy a unique view of Madrid.

You can also enjoy the famous Manteo del Pelele. This celebration consists of creating a dummy representing someone who has deserved to be tossed in a blanket all year long. The pelele, or dummy, will be tossed in a blanket whilst people make fun of it with songs.

Madrid’s carnival party ends with the burial of the Sardine. This tradition, which was even portrayed by Goya, consists of putting the costumes back in the trunk and ending the festivities and celebrations before the beginning of Lent, the liturgical time of the Catholic calendar. On this occasion, numerous bakeries in Madrid create the famous chocolate sardines that have already become the official dessert of Madrid’s carnival. You can find this delicious dessert in several bakeries throughout the city such as La Mallorquina, very close to Hotel Europa (Puerta del Sol, 8), La Pastelería América (Calle Atocha, 77); among others.

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