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Lookout points in Madrid, extraordinary balconies presiding over the Spanish capital

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Hotel Europa vistas al Puerta del Sol

The city of Madrid possesses a beauty that can be enjoyed at street level, as well as from its many lookout points. We have compiled a list of the very best so that you can take in the capital’s skyline from another perspective.

– The Moncloa Lighthouse. Next to the Museo de América, the lighthouse stands 110 meters high and is located in the Ciudad Universitaria neighborhood. Read full article

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All of the stars within your reach at the Madrid Planetarium

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Planetario de Madrid

You can contemplate the universe in which we are immersed, sculpted in the constellations with its wreaths of sparkling rocks and ethereal stars, in Madrid. Renew your fascination with the celestial bodies that have fascinated us since the dawn of humanity. When faced with this powerful spectacle, we’re like children who receive our nourishment from the light, Read full article

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Veranos de la Villa 2018, another summer event imbued with the culture and fun Madrid is known for

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Veranos de la Villa 2018

When we talk about Veranos de la Villa, we are talking about a huge event in Madrid that, in addition to the city’s central district, is held in 21 other districts. The lineup is replete with activities that make the already incomparable touristic draw of the Spanish capital even more magnetic.

Are you ready to attend the best pop, Read full article

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Come join Pride’s 40th anniversary in Madrid

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Madrid is one of the most influential cities when it comes to celebrating Pride and it will be no less influential in 2018. After last year’s categorical success, this year’s edition of the LGBT community’s festival is celebrating its 40th anniversary in the Spanish capital and promises to put it in the international spotlight once again. Read full article

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Les Miserables, Victor Hugo’s legendary work at the Teatro Victoria

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You are walking through the streets of Paris in the middle of the 19th century, you feel the emotion of the revolution and peoples’ weariness about their miserable situation. The injustice and the desire to change the political panorama are pulsing through your veins. So many slaves, people who didn’t have a way to feed their children or young people with the strength needed to fight. Read full article

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Experience the Soccer World Cup in Madrid

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Espacio Selección Española


Football is a universal sport and Madrid has the privilege of being the city of the most successful club of the 20th century, Real Madrid. In addition, it has ideal infrastructure to enjoy the World Cup in Russia during the months of June and July. Do you want to know more?
The Soccer World Cup in Madrid
The matches of the first phase of the World Cup played by Spain are played on days 15, Read full article

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Once again, remarkable photography exhibits have returned to Madrid with PHotoEspaña 2018

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If you are passionate about the world of photography and the visual arts, you’re in luck. For another year Madrid is hosting an international Festival where you can enjoy everything related to photography, prints and painting — in short, the visual arts.
The art of freezing reality
At this international festival, PHotoEspaña 2018, you can take in exceptional exhibits from the most prestigious museums, Read full article

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Dalí, Duchamp and Magritte: the Revolutionaries of the 20th Century in Madrid

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Until July 15th, the Palacio de Gaviria, which is located just a few steps from our hotel in the Puerta del Sol, is offering a retrospective entitled Duchamp, Magritte, Dalí: Revolucionarios del siglo XX (Dalí, Duchamp and Magritte: The Revolutionaries of the 20th Century. The exhibit pays homage to three artists who changed the art scene during the 20th century. Read full article

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Science and Printing: Travel Back to the Origins of One of Humanity’s Greatest Inventions

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The world as we know it would not exist without printing. Until May 27th you can visit an exhibit in Madrid containing some of the most important books from the birth of the printing process until the 18th century. The exhibit includes 35 books and various objects that take you through the history of the printing process and centuries-old science. Read full article

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Learn everything there is to Know about Tulips at Madrid’s Real Jardín Botánico

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Do you like tulips? Tulips are one of the flowers with the most varieties in the world and are quite possible the favorite of those who love color. Thanks to Madrid’s Real Jardín Botánico and the collaboration of the Society of Botanical Artists you can attend one of the most incredible flower shows in Madrid. Read full article

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