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Price Circus for Christmas

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Circo Price en Navidad 2019

This year, the Price Circus will star Don Búho, an owl who lives in a train station. The show will have a stage full of acrobats, tamers, jugglers, musicians and a fortune teller, among others. They all carry unique and mysterious suitcases, but none of them remembered to bring a Christmas tree. Here begins the most beautiful theatrical adventure to create a tree between everyone and to teach us the value of spending the holidays with our loved ones. Read full article

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Brueghel. Wonders of flamenco art

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This autumn, Madrid’s artistic programme is exponentially enriched by the Brueghel exhibition the Wonders of flamenco art in the Gaviria palace. It is a unique opportunity to get to know some of the most influential works of European art between the 16th and 17th centuries.

After touring several cities in Japan, Read full article

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Ghost: The Musical

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Ghost, el Musical

The love story that revolutionised the cinemas in 1990 arrives at Gran Vía in Madrid: Ghost: The Musical. You will be able to enjoy this wonderful story, transformed into a musical, which has been a hit in Broadway and London and continues to surprise its spectators. Starring Cristina Llorente and Roger Berruezo and directed by Federico Bellone, Read full article

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Game on

If you’re a board game lover, you’re in luck! From 15 to 17 November, GAME ON will be held at the Wanda Metropolitano Stadium. GAME ON is an international fair of board games and for the last two years it has become the main fair in this field throughout the country. This third edition will bring together numerous board game publishers for the whole family to enjoy and try some of them. Read full article

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Meninas Madrid Gallery

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The main streets of Madrid will once again become a museum until November 30th with the second edition of the improvised Meninas Madrid Gallery, designed by Venezuelan Antonio Azzato. Antonio is passionate about art and design, a provocateur of change. He considers artistic activity as something that transcends beyond a style or trend, Read full article

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How to save time and money during your stay in Madrid

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Bus Turístico Madrid

Like any great capital, Madrid is a city where you will find plenty of options to move around the city and where, with a little planning, you will be able to save time and money during your stay.

First of all, the Consorcio de Transportes de Madrid offers visitors the option of purchasing a Tourist Transport Pass. Read full article

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Invincible, the new play by Maribel Verdú

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Teatro Invencible con Maribel Verdú

Madrid premieres a new play entitled Invincible, written by English playwright Torben Betts in 2014 with excellent reviews. The Spanish version of the play is by Jordi Galcerán directed by Daniel Veronese and cast star Maribel Verdú.

The play is a social satire that shows the harshness of relationships between people of different backgrounds through comedy. Read full article

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Estampa Contemporary Art Fair 2019

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Estampa 2019

Autumn is not only synonymous with yellow leaves but is the perfect time to attend the contemporary art fair. Estampa, the international contemporary art fair has been held in Madrid for 27 years. It is organized around more than 80 national and international galleries. The main objective of the fair is the creation, Read full article

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Luxury. From the Assyrians to Alexander the Great

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If you are a history and ancient object lover, you have until January 12th to enjoy a trip to the Middle East through more than 200 objects from the ancient Assyrian, Babylonian, Phoenician and Persian empires.

The ancient empires had in common that they all wanted to extend their power to unsuspected limits. Read full article

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Going out near Puerta del Sol

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Madrid not only has a varied cultural offer, but it is also the life of the party when it comes to going out. No matter the weekday, every night in Madrid is characterized by the joy of those who go out, bars overflow with people drinking beer from early hours of the night.

In the centre of Madrid, Read full article

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